Best B2B Database Providers

Best B2B Database Providers: Get Direct Dial and Mobile Number List

When choosing the Best B2B Database Providers, you may find there’s a lot of information on offer. It can seem overwhelming, but the key is to discern what kind of information you need and what is just an added extra that might be more useful to another business.

If you want an effective cold-calling campaign, you need a reliable phone number list. Creating an effective phone number list would be easier, especially if you have the right tools for it. In the last few years, B2B marketing strategies have dramatically changed by budget, computation, knowledge, and tactics. Lead generation has been known as the lifeblood of the modern sales process.

The Benefits of B2B Database

B2B sales databases help companies to identify and target new business opportunities. By providing access to accurate and uptodate information on businesses and their employees, B2B databases make it easier for sales and marketing teams to find and connect with potential customers. Additionally, B2B databases can help organizations to track their progress in building relationships with new and existing customers.

B2B databases can be used by businesses to find new customers, suppliers, or partners.

How to Choose the Right B2B Database Provider

  • How authentic is the data? Most people claim to have millions of data with them, but how much is accurate?
  • How much data match your targeting criterion? Customizing the data as per your ideal customer profile is the most vital part of the data buying process.
  • What is the accuracy of the email? Ideally, aim for at least 90–95%.
  • What is the fastness of data delivery?
  • How many data points are provided per contact? The more data points, the better you can personalize those emails and improve your response rates.
  • What is the cost per contact/lead? Compare cost after comparing the other vital parameters.

Here, we’ll discuss the best b2b leads database companies you can use to get B2B direct dial and cell number lists.

Best B2b Database Providers for High-Performance Sales Teams

Let’s see their pricing and discuss their pros and cons so you can easily figure out which database provider is the best for you.

1. (Lfbbd)Lead for Business

Lead for Business- Lfbbd
Lead for Business- Lfbbd

Lfbbd provides accurate direct dials and emails to boost up sales with less work. It’s a lead generation platform that leads you to the right contacts.

Connect directly with the right decision-makers, using the accurate database of emails and direct dials. Build a clean prospecting list that you can plug into your sales tools and generate new leads, right away through its 250+ million business contacts worldwide.

Lead for Business provides eCommerce lead sales, B2B sales leads, and retail store leads with contact direct dial and email address. It helps you to connect with your ideal prospects through its contact database.

Verified contact data are very essential for any sales and marketing efforts. Lead for Business is trusted to find verified contact info of people that matter for your business. Whether it’s through Linkedin, companies’ websites, social media or using its own researchers, that will help you build accurate contact data lists for your next outreach campaign.

Some of the key features:

☑ Get real-time verified contact info for recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers.

☑ Contact database has the most accurate contact details verified manually which assures more than 95% accuracy.

☑Verified Contact Email Address. All emails are found in a real-time mode.

☑ E-commerce database that contains over 400K eCommerce brands and 2M+ contacts.

☑ Amazon Seller leads with storefront details and  Owner contact info with direct dial.

☑ Contact Direct Dial and Mobile Number.

☑ Lead Replacement Guaranty.

2. UpLead


UpLead is a lead generation platform that helps you find the company contacts database you need quickly. UpLead Offers you over 95% data accuracy, with UpLead, it’s easy to create a reliable phone number list for your sales team.

The platform allows you to browse over 60+ million business contacts, filtering it through over 50 criteria (like revenue, job title, industry, and location) to create targeted marketing lists.

Some of the key features:

  • Simple lookup: With UpLead’s Contacts Lookup function, you can quickly find all of your lead’s contact information, including emails, mobile phone numbers, social media, and more.
  • Vibrant profiles: UpLead does more than just give you a business phone number for someone else. Its rich profiles allow you and your vendors to quickly absorb accurate information about your tracks and get to know them before calling.
  • Reliable data: UpLead offers over 95% data accuracy guarantee, giving you direct phone numbers and emails verified in real-time.
  • Chrome extension: UpLead’s Chrome extension allows you to find phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles.


  • UpLead offers a free trial with five credits.
  • $74 per month for a single user account with 2,040 annual credits.
  • $149 per month, you get 4,800 annual credits
  • $299 per month 12,000 annual credits

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3. Upcall


Upcall is an online marketing and sales platform that uses to collect real people’s contact information over the phone. It is measurable, functional, and seamlessly integrated into your existing functionality. It makes sure that the leads marketing hands over to sales are really ready to buy and fit.

Upcall separates the good leads from the bad leads. The reps are very happy when they talk to qualified leads. And your closed win rate is improving.

Upcall will import your closed opportunities to analyze the industry, size, location, revenue of your customer to reveal your ideal customer profile – ICP and find net new customers to target.

Cleanse and add direct dials to your existing lead databases to reveal bad leads in existing records and identify important leads within your customer base and reach the people who matter most.

Upcall provides you with a team of professional Upcallers to make your calls, as well as accurate software to monitor your results. That’s all you need to get in touch with your contacts – except you make your own phone call. Integrate Upcall within your existing traffic to increase efficiency and ROI for these automated marketing solutions.

  • Upcall works with your favorite apps, CRM, and API for seamless transitions.
  • Start event-based calls based on data fields in your system.
  • Automatically edit and refine your leads based on any decision – from leading sources to leading sources., Always direct the leaders with the right message. Get exactly what you need!

4. Zoominfo


Zoominfo is the most popular business leads database platform that provides accurate contact info including contact direct dial.

ZoomInfo helps companies to achieve their most important goal: profitable growth. That platform puts sales and marketing professionals in a position to identify, connect, and engage with relevant prospects. ZoomInfo Engage helps your sales team to connect with more prospects, close more businesses.

  • ZoomInfo profiles provide information about job responsibilities, professional and accreditation certificates, job information, education, web comments, and social media profile links.
  • Identify your next customer using data-driven information and logos that identify potential buyers.
  • Find buyers based on your Good Customer Profiles, enhanced company credentials, and more accurate B2B contact information – all in one place.
  • Identify and achieve expectations at the beginning of their customer journey by tracking companies researching solutions similar to yours across the web.

5. Lusha


With more than 50 million direct dials for B2B decision-makers, Lusha allows you to achieve your unattainable hope. Avoid the possibility of getting bored on social media. Lusha allows you to connect with prospects, no matter where they work.

Lusha provides accurate and accessible communication data through its simple, self-help products. With Lusha sales and marketing professionals, they can identify, company contacts list, engage and close their targeted prospects.

  • Lusha also assists business professionals to establish quick and real communication with their targeted prospects, contacts, and candidates.
  • Lusha will also help you build trust using simple tools that allow you to enrich and validate business profiles.
  • Lusha’s offers almost 81% accurate phone numbers & emails


  • Free 5 credits per month
  • $74/mo for 100 credits
  • $149/mo for 300 credits

6. SignalHire


Signalhire is one of the best tools to find contact through direct dial and email. You can get active emails and phone numbers with Signalhire. It provides verified real-time contact data for employers, sales professionals and advertisers.

In Signalhire contact info are available in real-time mode. Before displaying any contact information on the screen is verified with authentication tools by third parties.

SignalHire is a tool specifically designed for employers, advertisers, and HR professionals. This handy extension can remove anyone’s contact information, including real phone numbers, emails, and backlinks from social media accounts.

  • Verified real-time contact information for employers, marketing professionals, and advertisers. Personal and work contacts.
  • Get verified b2b leads database by name: emails, phone numbers, social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, MeetUp.
  • Find candidates or directly contact decision makers using SignalHire built-in ATS if you do not have the software.
  • Send accurate website candidates, emails, and phone numbers directly from SignalHire to your current ATS with one click


  • Free: 5 contact credits (per month)
  • $99 month for 750 credits
  • $229 month for 1800 credits
  • $399 month for 3500 credits

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7. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish is one of the most popular tools for finding the b2b database or contact information of any prospects. Get direct contact data in seconds including phone numbers and emails from social profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github etc. Swordfish are often used by the world’s top traders, hired and investigative experts.

Most providers will tell you that they have 100% accurate data – and we both know that is not the case. You can confidently expect 80% accuracy of mobile data and 95% accuracy of email data. Swordfish verifies all US telephone line numbers and scans all emails to be delivered in real-time before returning results to you.

Swordfish is on your side so you can make finding a contact efficient, accurate, and easy to use.


  • Free 5 credits per month
  • 150 credits 96$ month
  • 400 credits 241$ month

8. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is another free tool that allows users to look up people’s phone numbers and perform reverse phone lookups.

The tool gives users access to millions of public records of personal, business, and mobile numbers, sales leads database as well as information such as location, address, email profiles, social media profiles, and more.

Search for public records and VIN numbers online. Reveals names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

Users can also track leads using usernames and VINs and can access personal phone numbers and other data.

9. is another useful tool for generating a list of phone numbers and research companies with a simple online search.

The forum claims to be the only real-time search engine for B2B communication information, and you cannot save or edit data about it. Instead, it searches online data for expert information and verifies its AI engine.


Here are answers to a few common questions about looking up phone numbers online:


Why Phone Number List Needed?

A list of telephone numbers can directly assist in the production of lead by allowing companies to reach targeted customers through telephone marketing campaigns. These lists of telephone marketing, which can include cell phone numbers, addresses, names, and country codes, can help you reach the right customer at the right time.


How can I search for someone’s phone number online?

There are many ways to make phone marketing lists and to get a personal phone number online.

However, the most effective way to search for phone numbers is to use production tools that can ensure the quality of their data. This allows you to spend more time generating an accurate list of valid phone numbers that the sales team can use, reducing the chance of making an unwanted call or dialing an invalid number. They may also provide sales dials and other tools to make it easier to reach the right prospects.

The active list will usually include the country code of the conductor, as well as the information needed to access your leaders’ offices and cell phones. Finding the right email finder tool can be challenging, so here we compare the top tools, the features, and availability.

What information do I need to search for phone numbers online?

The information required to search for a list of phone numbers will depend on the tool. Tools like Lusha, Signalhire for example, allow you to view cell phone numbers and other advanced information by entering your appropriate customer profile. The tool then gives you all the clues that match that description.


When using the right lead generation tools, it’s easy to generate targeted telemarketing lists for all your sales efforts. Although you can choose from multiple free and paid tools, few of them will be as reliable and effective as Lead for Business. They are an accurate and top-notch b2b Contact database provider company on the web.

Riad Hossen