Best Email Finder Tools

Top 15 Email Finder Tools in 2023: Features and Pricing

An email finding tool that allows finding personal email or business email addresses online from various web pages. An email finder is a perfect lead generation tool that allows reaching out to your potential customers.

To choose the Best Email Finder Tools, it is important to understand the concept of an email finder. With advancements in technology, many tools have come up in the market that helps businesses elevate their marketing strategies and scale up their profit.

Benefits of email finders: Email finders can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family. They can also be used to find old classmates and colleagues. Email finders can also be a great way to keep track of important contacts.

Email finder tools are software that helps you to search through emails, contacts, addresses, and other personal information from your computer. There are many ways to get online leads with free tools. It is a very useful tool if you want to keep track of your contacts in the workplace or at school.

How do email-finding tools help?

email finding tools

Efficient lead generation requires efficient tools. Finding an email address is the last resort. Most often you know exactly to whom you want to reach out but you are lacking contact information. If you have decided to send cold emails to your prospects you have to find their email address. Finding email addresses by using email-finding tools is one of the most crucial parts of the success of your email outreach.

Some of the prospects have their email address publicly listed on their online profiles and that’s easy to find but you need to do a little extra sleuthing to find email addresses for everyone else. This is why we have prepared a list of the best email-finding tools with their features and prices. That would help you to find the best email finder that will suit your marketing needs best. I hope these will ensure you will have the best chances of finding your prospect’s email address.

15 Best Email Finding Tools Features and Prices

We have chosen the 15 most popular email-finding tools on the market and done a deep dive into their features, pricing, free options

1. SignalHire


Signalhire is one of the best tools to find contact direct dial and phone numbers. You can find valid emails and phone numbers through Signalhire. It provides real-time verified contact data for recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers

In Signalhire all emails are found in a real-time mode. Before displaying any contact info on the screen they are being verified via 3rd party verification tools.


  • Free: 5 contact credits (per month)
  • $99 per month for 750 credits
  • $229 per month for 1800 credits
  • $399 per month for 3500 credits

2. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish is one of the most popular tools to find the contact details of any prospects. Find Direct b2b data in seconds including contact cell phone numbers and emails from social profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc. Swordfish is often used by the world’s top sales, recruiters, and investigative professionals.

Swordfish is on your side to make your contact sourcing efficient, accurate & easy to use.


  • Free 5 credits per month
  • 150 credits per month 96$
  • 400 credits per month 241$


3. Lusha


Lusha is one of the most trusted and reliable email-finding tools for B2B marketing and salespeople. Lusha offers accurate and accessible contact data through its simple, self-service products. With Lusha sales and marketing professionals can identify, engage and close their targeted prospects.

Lusha also helps business professionals establish a fast and real connection with their targeted leads, contacts, and candidates. That would make B2B engagement in trust.

Lusha also will help you to build that trust using simple tools which allow you to enrich and verify business profiles.


  • Free 5 credits per month
  • $74/mo 100 credits
  • $149/mo 300 credits

4. UpLead


UpLead is the B2B data provider and technology company that provides instant access to millions of verified B2B contacts with direct email addresses and phone numbers. You could filter your targeted leads by industry, location, sales volume, number of employees, public vs private, contact title, job function, technologies used, and more. That would help you to find your next customers.

From UpLead you can scrape millions of contacts and selling access to a database with no regard for accuracy is easy.

Uplead will help you to build a clean prospecting list that you can plug into your sales tools and generate e-commerce leads right away. Data accuracy is one of the #1 priorities at UpLead. That’s why it offers a 95% or higher accuracy guarantee.


  • $74/month 2,040 Credits Annually
  • $149/month 4,800 Credits Annually
  • $299/month 12,000 Credits Annually

5. is one of the best free CRM and cold outreach automation platforms. With, you can collect targeted leads in just a few minutes. This tool is very efficient for finding someone’s email address. finds and verifies and it bifurcates emails into 3 categories: Valid, Invalid, and Catch all. Catch-all emails are the guessed ones.

  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App
  • Usage: For an individual as well as Bulk Email Finding
  • API that allows you to integrate email search into your app or CRM
  • Prospect list export that supports CSV, XLSX, and G-Sheets formats


  • 50 credits per month with a free plan
  • 1,000 credits per month $39
  • 5,000 credits per month $99
  • 20,000 credits per month $189
  • 50,000 credits per month $369
  • 100,000 credits per month $738


Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the right people that would matter for your business. It’s one of the highly popular email-finding tools.

With Hunter, there are a couple of ways you can find email addresses: using an email finder if you will have the name of your prospect and their company. By domain search, if you have only the list of domains or company names. Just type in the information you have in the search box and you will get a result in seconds. You can also verify emails you found with Hunter’s Email Verifier.

  • Email search by name and a company’s website
  • Single and bulk domain search that will help you to find email addresses
  • Hunter Chrome extension that allows finding a list of emails


  • 50 requests per month with a free plan
  • 500 requests per month $49
  • 2,500 requests per month $99
  • 10,000 requests per month $199
  • 30,000 requests per month $399

7. Aeroleads


Aeroleads will help you to find the verified business email addresses of your targeted prospects and leads with their job title, company, website, location, LinkedIn, and more. All this in real-time makes Aeroleads one of the most popular and genuine email-finding tools.

AeroLeads is used by hundreds of businesses, online marketers, sales teams, recruiters to find business details, and b2b contact data.

Some of its key features:

  • Verified business emails address from LinkedIn
  • In-depth information about the prospects, such as job title, company details, address, etc.
  • Bulk email search to accelerate your lead generation
  • Aeroleads Chrome Extension will help you find email addresses from various platforms


  • 10 credits on a free trial
  • 1,000 credits per month $49
  • 4,000 credits per month $149
  • 15,000 credits per month $499

8. Skrapp


Skrapp is one of the popular email-finding tools nowadays. Skrapp email lookup tool will help you find valid email addresses for professionals like sales, marketing, and recruiters. Valid email addresses are the most essential part of your sales and marketing efforts. is trusted by millions of sales and marketing people to find verified B2B email addresses of people that matter for your business. Whether it’s through companies’ websites, Linkedin, or using Skrapp in-app features, that will help you build your accurate email lead lists for your next outreach campaign.

Skrapp can get verified B2B emails addresses by its algorithms that index public web pages and simulate emails based on the company’s email patterns. That helps to get email leads of the decision-makers, and company email when you visit any company’s website.

Some of its key features:

  • Single and bulk email search
  • Smart Chrome extension
  • Prospect list export that supports CSV and XLSX formats
  • Ability to securely interact with API from


  • 150 emails per month for free
  • 1,000 emails per month for $49
  • 5,000 emails per month for $99
  • 20,000 emails per month for $199
  • 50,000 emails per month for $299

Do you know, is the leading provider of Amazon Seller Leads including direct contact details of the store owners and key executives across the world.

9. Overloop


By Overloop find anybody’s email address online. Combine with conversations and workflows to start cold emailing campaigns straight from your browser. Just enter their first and last name, pick their company’s website domain and you’re all set to go!

Identify new target accounts with a few parameters like industry, employee count, location, and more. Directly reach out to them when they change their jobs and get them to spread the good word about your business in their new company!

Some of its key features:

  • Find emails with the Chrome Extension
  • Search in bulk. Use the CSV search tool to find the emails of multiple prospects at once.
  • Email Verifier
  • Email Finder is also available through its REST API. Find any email address, along with all prospect information.
  • Get real-time notifications when your contacts change jobs


  • 250 credits $39/mo
  • 500 credits $59/mo
  • 1000 credits $99/mo
  • 5000 credits $189/mo
  • 10000 credits $299/mo

10. RocketReach


Rocketreach offers to find personal and professional email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts from the database of over 400 million professionals across 16+ million companies. Enrich your lead lists at light speed. Upload it to RocketReach and RocketReach will automatically match and get up-to-date emails, phones, titles, and more. RocketReach also works with Google Sheets and many other spreadsheet and database platforms.

Through RocketReach connect directly with your right decision-makers, using one of the largest and most accurate Amazon leads databases of emails and direct dials. Launch the RocketReach Browser Extension from any website.

Quickly discover leads on different platforms such as Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and Linkedln. Lookup Contact information for your targeted leads, then organize and export them as lead lists. Discover actionable insights including employee size, industry, revenue, funding as well as a list of top decision-makers.

key features:

  • Advanced search of emails based on different criteria, including bulk lookups
  • Extended API that helps automate the people search
  • Google Chrome extension allows finding and verifying contacts on different platforms.


  • 5 lookups per month for free
  • 125 lookups per month $59
  • 300 lookups per month $119
  • 1,500 lookups per year $468
  • 10,000 lookups per year $2388

11. ContactOut


Contactout is one of the favorite tools, mostly used by recruiters all around the world to find candidates’ email addresses. ContactOut extension is very easy to use and provides accurate email addresses from Linkedin.  Find emails and phone numbers from Linkedin and save them to your dashboard. Organize them share them with your team. Export to spreadsheet or ATS with one click. Contactout also works on GitHub too.

Find potential candidates directly using ContactOut’s search portal. Enjoy unlimited searches and get targeted candidates that are not on LinkedIn.

Engage with less effort. Send emails while browsing LinkedIn using its reusable templates. Contact multiple people at the same time and follow up automatically.


  • 100 contacts / month $49
  • 200 contacts / month $99
  • 400 contacts / month $199

12. LeadIQ


LeadIQ is one of the most recommended email-finding tools for your lead generation business. LeadIQ’s Chrome extension makes prospecting simple and fast which eliminates the data entry for your representatives. LeadIQ makes sales and marketing teams more efficient at outbound prospecting by capturing and contact information with one click.

Identify the targeted accounts, locate them on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and open the LeadIQ extension.

Focus on prospecting, not on data entry. LeadIQ enables sales and marketing teams to capture leads while browsing LinkedIn or any other website.


  • $60 /monthly 250 credits
  • $120 /monthly 500 credits
  • $135 /monthly Unlimited credits

13. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation tool that’s best suited for B2B companies. It will not be wrong if we call Leadfeeder complete tracking software.

Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website. The people who visit your website are much more likely to buy your product than someone who has never heard of your product or services. Leadfeeder doesn’t let those ready to buy leads escape.

  • Use Leadfeeder to determine the best person to contact from a visiting company.
  • Search for decision-makers in a robust global database
  • Find and export email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles for them.


  • 7 days free trial
  •  63 month for unlimited search

14. Lead411


Lead411 will help you to find targeted prospects that will fill your funnel with actionable contact data. Lead411 focuses on quality data more than any other data provider in the market. Its verified emails are not only human-verified but also verify the data through ESP Activity Confirmation, Which means it sends an email to check if it was opened by the real recipient.

  • Lead411 provides accurate direct dials. It also provides direct office, mainline, and Company HQ phone numbers.
  • Find contact information while you search on Linkedin and company websites through its Chrome Extension.
  • Lead411 will allow you to set up automated Email/SMS cadences to create custom Email/SMS templates.


  • $99/month 200 Contacts
  • $199/month 450 Contacts


15. Nymeria

Nymeria is another top-rated email-finding tool for individuals and small businesses. Nymeria helps discover a person’s email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles. Create contact lists that easily categorize contact information and make managing leads easier than ever before.

Nymeria’s Chrome browser extension enables you to find contact email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles with one click.


  • Find valid emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles.
  • API integration enabled
  • Works on LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, Twitter.


  • $39/mo 100 contacts
  • $79 mo 300 contacts
  • $$159/ mo 1000 contacts

16. SalesQL


SalesQL is also a popular email lookup tool to find anyone’s direct, business email addresses & phone numbers. SalesQL source contact email addresses from LinkedIn targets even if you haven’t yet connected with them.


  • Find contact phone numbers and email addresses for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ LinkedIn connections.
  • Extract and enrich contacts information in bulk
  • SalesQL integrates with many apps like CRM, outreach, and productivity tools.


Free 100 Credits/month

$39 / month  1500 Credits

$59 / month 4000 Credits

$89 / month 10000 Credits


All the vital operations in marketing, such as finding emails, lead generations, and email verification, are nowadays accomplished through tons of sales tools available in the market. We hope you could found the best choice for you. No matter whatever email finder tools you choose from above, you will get amazing results that’ll take your lead generation efforts to a new level.

We still suggest choosing your best email-finding tool based on your lead generation approach and affordability. Have you ever used any of these tools we mentioned above? Share your experience with us right now.


Riad Hossen