How to Use Linkedin Sales Navigator To Generate Leads

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Generate Leads?

LinkedIn sales navigator is a powerful set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks & personalized algorithms to help you reach the right audience.

People’s lives have been significantly altered by the rise of social media and the widespread availability of data. The exchange of goods and services occurs. A new era of social selling has emerged in which intelligent buyers can be wooed long before a deal is struck.

According to LinkedIn, when salespeople use the platform, on average they have:

+17% higher win rates when saving leads to Sales Navigator

More than 80 percent of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn. B2B buyers who are turning away from cold calls and favoring social media have opened a new world of possibilities for sales teams. The premium edition of LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. A subscription to this service costs $64.99 a month, but it helps you get target leads more quickly. 32. B2B Marketers Consider LinkedIn Effective for Content Marketing.

However, to take full advantage of LinkedIn’s potential, you must focus your experience solely on the aspects of sales important to your position. Now we will briefly discuss How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

LinkedIn gets 71.33% direct traffic and 23.49% from search. They get 99.45% traffic from organic searches.

What is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator learns from the searches and automatically sifts through LinkedIn data to provide personalized lead referrals.  Based on the search terms and Boom! They’ve just sifted through a mountain of unimportant material. The quality of LinkedIn data is steadily improving. There are many LinkedIn alternatives for generating leads.

The use of a sales pipeline accelerates the sales process. Your  LinkedIn is insufficient for this purpose.  Talking about Sales Navigator with Russ and others who use it, What they’ve gone through, and the results they’ve gotten is. Beginning to see how important Sales Navigator is as a whole.e

The benefit is that it allows salespeople to be highly persuasive. Productive as well as time-saving. It reduces the risk. an estimated number of “business calories” that they must consume to To achieve their goals. It’s the only LinkedIn license available. It can keep track of accounts and prospects and send them out. Information that you can use. 

Yes, LinkedIn is the best platform to find and generate leads. Now, LinkedIn has more than 750 million active users.

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Who is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?

LinkedIn Is a Business-Oriented Social Site. Professional salespeople use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which individuals or teams can use. There Are Nearly 800 Million Members on LinkedIn.  Sales Navigator has a comprehensive set of search capabilities, increased insight into expanded networks, and tailored algorithms to help you get in touch with the correct decision-maker.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is one of the major sources of free & new sales/business sales leads. LinkedIn is the largest and the most updated Business Directory of Owners, CEO, Managers, and other decision-makers in any industry, geography, and company.

55% of Decision-Makers Use LinkedIn Content to Vet Organisations. A lot of LinkedIn’s new business was generated through cold calling, emailing, and marketing campaigns. Despite our best efforts, we could not locate the people who could best assist us. Inaccessible markets or a sea of competing products, inquiries sounded the same from similar suppliers. We realized that we needed a new approach. It would make us stand out from the crowd. That’s what Sales Navigator is all about. It’s worked out well for both of us. 

One answer is combined with the power of the other. Several of the most popular CRMs, including Salesforce and HubSpot, are supported by Sales Navigator. Microsoft Dynamics Information about a customer’s account and contact persons obtained from CRM sales navigator systems are easy to import, yet Sales Navigator is also a part of the integration. Knowing all this intel you will be able to know how to use the Linkedin sales navigator effectively.

The CRM systems are again back up and running. Users of Salesforce, as an example, can access LinkedIn data, for instance. The use of LinkedIn’s message feature and other information in the CRM system, as well as InMail. In order to develop relationships, you can use integration.

Using pre-existing CRM contacts. The network and features are available on LinkedIn. Data is kept current by automated daily synchronization. In a flash.

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How does LinkedIn Sales Navigator work?

Each job is filtered based on various characteristics, including location, sector, and firm size. Look for names on accounts where you have a second-degree link or a solid opportunity to make an introduction to the person on the other side. This is the list of companies you want to target. Filter the list by title in Lead Builder to find the people who can make things happen. Look for sales and business development titles at the director level.

You may quickly examine what you have in common with another LinkedIn member by using the In Common panel in your profile. Explore the following sections to learn more about the candidate: Groups Volunteer Experience and Causes.

Why Linkedin is the best place to generate a quality b2b sales database? LinkedIn is the number one choice for professionals to gather to stay connected and informed. Finding out what the prospect’s LinkedIn connections think of them is assembled as looking at endorsements in the Skills & Expertise section of the profile. You can use this information to prioritize your relationships and get the most out of your time by contacting the best possible introductions.

Since its inception, LinkedIn has been a treasure trove of in-depth buyer information. Automated tools, such as Sales Navigator, make such information actionable. This is how to use the LinkedIn sales navigator for prospecting in-the-moment account updates that empower salespeople

Product. Customers that have a pressing need for your product That is within their grasp. Unlocking Your Out-of-Network Profile with Sales Navigator may be able to help you find new leads. In order to access your profile, you must first enter your password.

This makes 350 million LinkedIn members available to you! Include profiles of people who aren’t in your network. Search results can be used to unlock user profiles. Sales potential beyond third-degree contacts can be uncovered.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great platform to help you find your best-fit customers. It will allow you to identify and create a target list of companies and roles that you want to get our message in front of.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator lfbbd
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to use LinkedIn’s sales navigator to generate leads?

To generate new leads, we relied heavily on cold calling, emailing, and other forms of traditional marketing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the people who could assist us in expanding sales since we were inundated with similar requests from identical vendors.

We realized we needed a new approach to set us apart from the competition. That strategy is called Sales Navigator, and it’s been a success.

OnBase is a relatively minor participant in the insurance business’s ECM (enterprise content management) market, challenging Hyland. Trying to create connections with carriers who have never heard of OnBase or Hyland has been a challenge because we’re competing against some of the largest companies in the industry.

Meanwhile, customer habits have shifted. Instead of placing the entire weight of the purchasing decision on the shoulders of a single executive, a project team of six to eight people is now in charge of the majority of the purchasing process. Working on a project with a large group of people gives you a broader view of the situation.

If you don’t know who your customers are and how they shop, it’s practically impossible to sell your product or service to a group effectively.

Because with Navigator, our team has been able to carry out the essential research and due diligence, which has allowed us to focus on our unique selling points and make them resonate with our target audience.

Sales Navigator addressed both difficulties, which have shortened our sales cycles, contributed to contract closures, and built up our late-stage pipeline with the help of the product. It has allowed us to communicate directly with potential customers why OnBase is the best ECM solution.

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Why Does Your Business Need Sales Navigator?

Why Does Your Business Need Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads to a +7% Higher Win Rate When Closing Deals. Now social media and ubiquity change your business way of providing products and services. We are now in the era of modern for selling our service to the savvy buyer takes place online long before the deal is closed.

So you have to depend on social media like LinkedIn and make your business sales navigation. Additional information on the intended recipient: Maybaum suggests asking about their hobbies and interests before making contact.

Now I will explain here the importance of business need sales navigation. 

  • Every second 2 new members are registered on LinkedIn that’s why you can find the right person or people, to focus on.
  • More than 2 million members rate updates per week on the LinkedIn platform. So you can imagine what these people are talking about and what’s going on.
  • You can make your connection path between your company and your target audience through LinkedIn sales navigation.
  • LinkedIn navigation specified your business sales professional, preferences and helps you better connect, and build relationships with the buyers you need to engage.

LinkedIn navigation helps you to stay focused, informed, and trusted while you build and grow relationships.

Getting Started With LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

The fundamentals of how LinkedIn sells haven’t shifted in the foreseeable future. The accuracy of the information we’re presenting What’s different about Sales Navigator is that it’s now richer. Capable of speeding up and automating the sorting process By using this data, you can identify the sales leads.

One of my favorite features is Lead Builder’s Advanced Search. I don’t have to sift through the web, reports, or other sources to discover the correct folks because I can perform incredibly granular inquiries rapidly. In addition, InMail has proven to be a helpful tool. InMails have a much greater open rate than regular emails, and their recipients feel more confident responding to them. 

best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation Features

Sales Navigator offers a lot of different features to hack your business and builds strong communication with your potential customer. It keeps zooming in on the target audience of your business.

So the best features of sales navigation are:

  • Advanced search
  • LinkedIn InMails
  • Job change alerts
  • LinkedIn groups
  • “Posted on LinkedIn” filter
  • Boolean searches
  • Tag your prospects


This article contains all the necessary intel about How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For us, using Sales Navigator is a more polished method of interacting with potential customers. Instead of sending the same type of emails that are inundating everyone, Sales Navigator provides a more direct-connection channel—and the messaging is resonating at a higher rate.

Hyland’s growth is fueled by targeted messages, a wider reach, and a greater focus on high-quality offers. As a result, it serves as a reliable source of information on the company’s history and business practices.

Riad Hossen