We can find the ideal match between experts and leading businesses in record time

Much more powerful

For your benefit, Lfbbd(Lead for business) recruitment will go to great lengths to fulfill your goal. And that is all we do. For the simple reason that it’s in our bloodstream. Because it’s more effective, as well. Much more powerful. Proactively, we don’t sit on our hands. We are well-versed in the industry and have a broad professional network at our disposal. Because of this, we can find the ideal match between experts and leading businesses in record time.


Our high-quality prospect data helps recruiters

“Big data” refers to the enormous amount of structured and unstructured data currently at our disposal. By analyzing these massive data sets, previously unknown patterns and insights into business, human behavior, and many other topics can be uncovered. From financial services to measuring someone’s productivity to monitoring the weather, extensive data analysis is being employed all over the place.

Get natural candidate data than your competitors

Big data is a go-to resource for organizations of all sizes and in every industry looking for ways to get the most out of the data at their disposal. The enormous amount of data that recruiters can access and analyze in their quest to find the ideal employee is known as “big data” or “people analytics” when used in this context.

Data Accuracy
Data High Accuracy

Source Qualified Candidates with 95% accuracy

Sourcing is the process of identifying and evaluating potential employees who have not yet applied for an available position. You’re looking for a candidate’s name, proof of their credentials, and contact information.


Candidate referrals tend to be more passive and may require much more convincing before they’ll accept an offer and move forward in the hiring process. The most important thing is to monitor this measure and if it starts to fall, to reevaluate your sourcing strategy.

Get real-time hiring opportunities within your market

Recruiters, staffing organizations, search firms, and job boards benefit from Lfbbd in finding the right people for open positions. Real-time data and proprietary methods allow us to help you increase placement rates, reduce the time it takes to fill a job, and improve the candidate experience.

Innovative search and match features, extensive local labor market research, automatic resume processing, and insights into the job market found nowhere else are all included in our solution set.

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