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Get the direct contact info for C-level executives or decision-makers by department and function

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C-Suite Executives

Get the full executive list from here: CEO, CIO, COO, CFO, CRO, CTO, CCO, CHRO, also Owner/Founders, Cofounders, Presidents, Executive VPs, Executive Directors, and more.


Get the marketing leaders list with their email and direct dial. Our database contains the list for CMO, VP and Marketing Managers, Head of Brand, Brand Manager, Head of Social Media and more.


Get the contact info and connect with the key sales titles. Our database having the key sales titles including Head of Sales, Vice Presidents of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Operations, and business development titles which will help you to reach your targeted sales people.


Get the targeted contact information for the people of Finance department. From our database, you will get the key titles for the finance department that includes Head of Finance, VP Finance, Finance Manager with their email and direct dial.


Get contact info for the operations department that includes titles COO and the decision-makers from customer service and support, supply chain, facilities management, logistics, safety, security, quality management and more.

Human Resources

Get the key decision-makers for the HR department that includes titles: CHROs, Chief People Officers, Talent Directors, Heads of Culture, Heads of Benefits, Directors of Recruiting, Managers of Training, and more. Reach them out using our database of direct-dial phone numbers and verified email addresses.

Product Development

Get contact data of the key executives for the product management department such as Head of product management, data scientist, software engineer, and many more. Our database will help you to identify key contacts in software engineering, product engineering, development operations, product development, and product management.

Information Technology

Get contact details and connect with the right decision-makers of the IT department that includes CTO, CIO, CISO, VP of Digital Technology, Managers of Information Security, Data Analysts, and Information Architects and more.

Legal & Compliance

Get the legal and compliance decision-makers contacts at law firms, or corporate legal departments. Our database includes titles: Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsels, Attorneys, Risk Management specialists, legal operations, and more.

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