LFBBD- Lead For Business

We are lead generation agency that provides eCommerce, B2B and Amazon Seller leads with accurate contact data. Our aim is to connect you with your ideal prospects through our contact database.

Verified email addresses are very essential for any sales and marketing efforts. Lfbbd is trusted to find verified email addresses of people that matter for your business. Whether it’s through LinkedIn, companies’ websites, social media or using our own researchers, we will help you build accurate contact data lists for your next outreach campaign.

Connect directly with the right decision makers, using our database of emails and direct dials. Quickly discover leads and get contact info for your leads, then organize and export them as lead lists.

Get actionable insights including revenue, funding, employee size, industry, competitors as well as a list of top decision makers


Our Mission

Every B2B organization needs new leads and prospects to achieve its marketing goal. Our goal is to help B2B companies find new customers and deepen existing relationships. To extend your marketing and sales goals by targeted prospecting we assure our highest effort.

Lfbbd is a lead generation company that provides targeted leads and prospects for B2B, eCommerce and Amazon Seller. Our goal is to connect you with your targeted prospects through our contact database.

We have more than 250M business contact details including their direct dial and email address. We offer a full range of lead generation and data related services that allow you to get the results you want in today’s highly targeted marketing processes.

Targeted Sales Leads

Our Strategy

We initiate contact through our contact database with targeted contact email which almost always guarantees better open and reply rates. 

That helps to reach the right person with the right offer at the right time. That reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts.

Our mission integrates content, strategy, design, technology, and marketing to solve growth problems for our customers. We do care about the growth and cut the obstacles that prevent prospects from becoming buyers.

Targeted Leads