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Are you selling services/products to Amazon FBA and store owners? With our exclusive database of prime Amazon sellers and potential buyers, you'll have access to decision-makers, brand owners, product managers and FBA entrepreneurs that will propel your success to remarkable levels.

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Guaranteed Amazon Seller Leads: Human-Researched and Verified with Direct Contacts

We are a leading provider of Amazon seller database collecting Amazon seller data from various data sources Up to 20+ data points for each prospect like store size, product category, company location, and more! Enjoy a list that has been hand-researched, Verified, and Direct Contact Information.

LFB-Amazon Seller Leads

SL Seller Name Website First Name Last Name Title Email Amazon Store Url Person Linkedin Company Country Company Phone Annual Revenue Categories
1 3D innovation Noa Gansky CEO n** United States (844)560-**** 1M-5M Home & Kitchen
2 A3 Performance Daniel Meinholz Founder/President/CEO d** United States 1888-369-**** 1M-5M Sports & Outdoors
3 AAVRANI Justin Silver Founder & COO ju**** United States (248)266-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
4 Absonutrix Himanshu Nautiyal Founder/President/CEO himan************ United States 1-855-368**** 1M-5M Health & Household
5 AccuSharp Jay C President j** United States 1(406)892.**** 15M-20M Home & Kitchen
6 AC Pacific Charlie Wang President ch***** United States 1(909)980-**** 10M-15M Home & Kitchen
7 Actsyl Adam Xavier President a*** United States (213)808-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
8 Acure Carina Breda Chief Executive Officer c.***** United States 1877902**** 5M-10M Beauty & Personal Care
9 Advocate Steven Thuss Owner st**** United States 1(888)469-**** 1M-5M Health & Household
10 Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear Cathy Rogers Founder c**** United States 1-412-262-**** 1M-5M Sports & Outdoors
11 Alaffia Olowo Tchala Founder & CEO tc**** United States (360)866-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
12 Alen Andrew Graham CEO ag***** United States (512)436-**** 5M-10M Home & Kitchen
13 Dinair Airbrush Makeup Dina Ousley President din******** United States (800)785-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
14 Adagio Teas Michael Cramer CEO mi***** United States 1(973)253-**** 10M-15M Home & Kitchen
15 Aloha Brad Charron Chief Executive Officer b*** United States 1305-613-**** 10M-15M Health & Household
16 Algenist Rose Fernandez Chief Executive Officer rfe******* United States 1877-650-**** 5M-10M Beauty & Personal Care
17 Alchimie Forever Ada Polla President & CEO a** United States (202)530-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
18 THOUSAND OAKS BARREL CO. Bryan Weisberg CEO b**** United States 1508-743-**** 10M-15M Home & Kitchen
19 SEVEN Sheue Pella President s**** United States 1206-230-**** 1M-5M Beauty & Personal Care
20 AirTrack Joe Gram Owner j** United States 1(408)569-**** 1M-5M Sports & Outdoors
21 Armando Mcdonald Tucker Luna Enim officiis est et r*** Page Cummings Associates +1(471)128-**** 21 Nisi dicta incididun
22 Alan Bruce Maxine Lamb Anim aspernatur vel d**** Trujillo and Guy Inc +1(618)493-**** 76 In inventore corpori

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* Do you need more leads? Contact us at riad@lfbbd.comm to get to know our larger data plans (insights and contact data on up to 500,000 active sellers)

*Check out all our filter definitions and data points source

* While our team prioritizes leads from sellers that match all the criteria you selected, we can't guarantee that point. If there are not enough sellers meeting your requirements, our team will open some filters or if needed, contact you with options to fill out the rest of the leads.

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Guaranteed Amazon Seller Leads: Human-Researched and Verified with Direct Contacts

We are a leading provider of Amazon seller database collecting Amazon seller data from various data sources Up to 20+ data points for each prospect like store size, product category, company location, and more! Enjoy a list that has been hand-researched, Verified, and Direct Contact Information.

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Why Choose LFBBD to Buy Amazon Leads

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Expert Amazon FBA Knowledge and Experience

Our agency's deep understanding of the Amazon FBA ecosystem and extensive experience in the industry ensure that we can provide you with the most effective lead-generation strategies tailored specifically to your business.

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Highly Targeted and Qualified Leads

By identifying potential customers actively searching for products like yours, we ensure that the highly targeted leads we provide have a genuine interest in your offerings, maximizing conversion rates and sales

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We Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Unlike other lead generation services, we prioritize quality over quantity. We focus on delivering high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers, helping you save time and resources by focusing on leads that have a genuine interest in your services/products

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Data-Driven Approach for Maximum Results

Our agency adopts a data-driven approach to lead generation. We analyze market trends, competitor insights, and customer behavior to continuously refine our strategies. You receive actionable data to make decisions, improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

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Tailored Strategies to Meet Your Goals

we provide customized lead-generation strategies that align with your specific goals and budget. Our tailored approach ensures that you receive a solution that maximizes your chances of success in selling your product/service to Amazon store owners.

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Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Our agency provides ongoing support throughout your Amazon FBA agency journey. We regularly analyze your performance, make strategy adjustments, and keep you updated with the latest changes and trends in the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Seller Leads Database: What Will You Get


With our Amazon Seller Lead generation, you gain access, like:

  • Existing Amazon FBA Sellers
  • Product Developers and Manufacturers
  • Brand Owners and Private Label Sellers
  • Aspiring Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs
  • eCommerce Store Owners
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Amazon Consultants and Coaches
  • Trade Show and Expo Attendees

We carefully refine and organize multiple data points, such as:

  • Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Business Name and Address
  • Amazon store Name
  • Seller IDs and URLs
  • Job Title, Industry
  • Company Website
  • Physical address
  • Country, Revenue, and More

We Have Top Ranked Amazon Sellers Leads in Our Database

Our Amazon seller leads gives you access to a curated list of contacts that you can use to reach out to potential customers. These leads can be tailored to your specific needs and filtered by industry, location, job title, and other parameters.

Whether you’re looking to execute campaigns, raise brand awareness, or increase sales, our human-driven and software-assisted Amazon leads database can help. Every piece of information we collect is accurate and verified, so you can rest assured that your use of our database will be fruitful.

We will always supply you with the most up-to-date amazon seller database that targets your target demographic and enables you to create efficient marketing campaigns.


Why Should You purchase Amazon Leads Lists

We guarantee that whenever you use the data we provide, you will get better results and connect with the most potential clients you have ever wanted. If you’re looking for the best ecommerce sales leads database on the market, get in touch with us right away.

We have the most accurate and up-to-date information to meet your requirements. Also, We collect the most viable ecommerce database to increase your business and enhance your sales.

We are confident that our eCommerce data will provide you with the best possible results when it comes to connecting with potential clients.Our data is rigorously curated and is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and completeness.


Every Month We Update Our Data for 95% Accuracy

We deliver high-quality Amazon seller leads data and ensure at competitive rates that the information you get from us is accurate and up-to-date.

You can compare and assess the data quality of the Best Amazon Data providers and products via Datarade’s data marketplace and get the right data for your use case.

Connect with Lfbbd to get a quote and arrange custom pricing models based on your data requirements.

LFBBD Vs Others: Why Our Amazon Seller Database Is Better?

Key Features LFBBD Amazon Seller Database Others Company
Data Reliability Yes No
Data Sources Over 30 software solutions 3rd Party and Web Scrappers
Research and Verification Extensive research and verification by expert Amazon FBA Seller lead researchers Since layer/Tool verification
Certification Certified Amazon FBA Seller seller database provider None
Data Refresh Frequency Every three months for maximum accuracy Never
Tailored for Amazon Seller Leads Yes No
Enhanced Outreach Strategies Provided On-demand No
Who We Are

Safe, Secure & Trustworthy Data Provide.

We collect data using the most common sources in the world. We typically collect datasets through web data, public government datasets, publicly available information, and manual research. All applications submitted on our website are secured by standard SSL. If you do anything on our website, we must keep that content confidential and protect it from unauthorized access. All data is checked in real-time and 100% manually inspected.


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