So, you get the most verified leads from the seller database of Amazon. But, it won’t be fruitful until you can reach out to them effectively. 

our client found that 27% of people fail to perform in the outreach process due to poor email marketing methods. 

Thank god, you can still redo the process and make your email campaign efficient. So, we will walk you through. At the end, we will share our own case study that drives amazing results (don't miss that to read)

How to Start Cold Email Outreach Campaign To Amazon Sellers

Here is a total journey of a successful email outreach campaign

Step 1: Research and Personalization

Identifying Potential Prospects

Start by identifying Amazon sellers who fit your ideal customer profile. Use tools like Jungle Scout or Helium 10 to gather data on sellers’ performance, product categories, and market presence.

Personalizing the Outreach

Personalization is key. Address the seller by name and reference specific aspects of their Amazon store. Highlight how your solution can address their unique challenges and improve their performance.

Step 2: Multi-Channel Engagement

Combining Email and LinkedIn

Utilize both email and LinkedIn for outreach. A well-crafted email can capture initial interest, while LinkedIn messages can reinforce your presence and provide a platform for more casual interactions.

Use a Real Profile Image in Gmail

Including a real profile picture in your Gmail account can enhance your authenticity and trustworthiness. A professional image can create a favorable first impression during initial outreach.

Step 3: Offering Value

Provide prospects with valuable content, such as industry benchmark reports. These reports offer insights into market trends, competitive performance, and best practices.

The subject line is critical in capturing your prospect's attention. Make it clear, concise, and compelling without using spammy language or all caps.

Keep Your Message Short and Sweet

Brevity is key in cold outreach messages. Use bullet points or numbered lists for clarity and focus on the value your agency can provide. Avoid lengthy or complex sentences.

End your message with a clear call to action, such as requesting a phone call or meeting. Provide your contact information and suggest convenient times for the discussion.

Sample Email Template

Subject: See How Your Amazon Competitors Are Succeeding

Hi [Seller Name],

I recently saw your Amazon store, [Store Name], and loved your [Product Category].

Amazon's marketplace is super competitive, and I've noticed some competitors, like [Competitor Name], are doing more than you by about $32,000 on one listing. Any reason why?

I have a special Amazon report that can show you new tricks and strategies to help your store do better right away. We've picked up some great ideas while helping major brands like {{Brand}}, {{Brand}}, and {{Brand}}.

Hey [Seller Name] - just finished our Q4 Amazon benchmark report for the [Product Category] category. Happy to drop it here or on LinkedIn, think your team would love to see where you match up.

As a welcome offer, we're providing a discount on our services to help you get started. Don’t miss out!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Information]

Creating Urgency

Highlight the competitive nature of Amazon’s marketplace and the immediate benefits of adopting new strategies. Create a sense of urgency by comparing the prospect’s performance with that of their competitors.

Offer discounts to incentivize purchases. Include these offers in welcome emails and regular campaigns to drive sales and reward loyal customers.

Using Open-Ended Questions

Incorporate open-ended questions to prompt responses and foster engagement. Questions like "What challenges are you currently facing with your Amazon sales?" can initiate meaningful conversations.

Foster Ongoing Relationships

Nurture Your Leads

If your initial outreach doesn't succeed, follow up with additional messages or reach out via other channels like LinkedIn or social media. Consistent engagement and value offerings can build trust and foster long-term relationships.

Leverage automation tools for email drip campaigns and lead management to streamline your outreach efforts. These tools help organize, track progress, and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

Curation Emails

Curate and send top products from your store, or recommend products based on customer preferences. This approach keeps customers engaged and informed about your offerings.

Encourage current customers to refer friends through a well-structured referral campaign. Send a series of emails explaining the benefits and tracking progress to motivate sharing.

Evaluate Your Targeting Strategies

Reassess your targeting strategies if results are unsatisfactory. Ensure you are reaching out to the right people with relevant, tailored messages.

Experiment with different subject lines, email templates, and calls to action. Adapt your approach based on feedback and what resonates best with your prospects.

An Email Outreach Case Study from our 95% Verified Amazon Seller Leads

Amazon Sellers Email Outreach Campaign ROI & Cost matrix

In one of our Client’s recent email outreach campaigns, we aimed to provide the maximum percentage of verified Amazon Seller leads 

Let’s explore, what happens to him!

One of our clients bought our Amazon seller-verified leads and got started by sending out 1000 emails. Of these, 670 were opened, which is a solid 67% open rate, indicating that our subject lines were effective and engaging.

Next, he focused on the replies. Out of the opened emails, 120.6 people responded, giving us an 18% reply rate. This showed that our email content resonated well with the recipients. From these responses, our client successfully converted 12.06 into deals, achieving a 10% conversion rate. 


By implementing these advanced cold outreach strategies, e-commerce agencies can effectively connect with Amazon and Shopify sellers, driving business growth. At Lfbbd, we are dedicated to helping e-commerce agencies succeed with an accurate Amazon seller's email list for over 1,000,000 sellers. 

Explore our comprehensive directories and Amazon lead generation services to uplift your outreach efforts and achieve your business goals.


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