Without having any experience working with clients from LinkedIn or Twitter sounds awful. However, it is still possible only if you have the ability or competence in your freelance field.

To get e-commerce clients for your social media marketing agency (SMMA), you’ll be required to find out a lot of targets. In short, it is called Lead Generation.

Afterward, you will have to communicate with them to make deals. For this, all you need is some strategy to make and to have a label of competence.


Finally, your questions will be on how to achieve targets and positive outcomes, and how to effectively close the deals.


I created this write-up and gathered all the answers on finding Social media clients based on 4 proven methods.


How To Find Social Media Marketing Clients without Experience 

Let’s get to the business! 


We are here to provide suggestions on finding e-commerce businesses that require your services.

  1. Find out what your niche is

Stating your niche is the first step to letting your clients know of your services to e-commerce companies. A lot of business offers come to e. Commerce companies, so knowing what kind of niche you're going to succeed in is important. 


You can decide on a niche by considering your interests, strengths, and the market performance of the niche.


  1. Increase your visibility and credibility-

Businesses in the e-commerce sector are choosing agencies that they trust. If you have an online presence and some case studies, e-commerce store owners will consider your service. You need to have a website and use social media to set up your online presence. These are just the basics but applying these platforms to benefit you needs some planning.


Here are some useful schemes;

  • Provide value

Publishing relevant content on your website is the best way to do this. For example, review and how-to content display your skill in your field. They target the issues and motives of your probable clients. People stay where they see value. Make content that is relevant to your brand. Add images and videos to develop your brand.


  • Involve your followers

Show that you are attentive to your followers and value them by answering questions, responding to comments, and chatting with them.

  • Join relevant groups

Join the same groups as the e-commerce companies you want to target and share content showing your services. Participate in conversation and give replies to questions with these groups. You can even make advertisements that highlight your brand. You may stay up to date on developments in your expertise by joining a group with other agencies in the niche.


  • Show few outcomes

If you show some results of some case studies that will verify your competence. If you have successfully assisted other clients and the outcomes are convincing enough, other e-commerce businesses will want to work with you.

You can create a strong basis by working with local businesses to acquire case studies.


  1. Find Email Addresses

You now need the email addresses of possible e-commerce companies so you may reach out to them and persuade them to work with you. For that, send them well-written emails.


These are a few methods for locating email addresses:


  • Ecom websites

Ecom websites that contain the “about us” and “contact” pages usually have the contact info with email addresses.

You can manually get e-commerce leads for your businesses.

  • Social media

                        To find the email addresses of leads, look through their social media pages.

One benefit of social media is that you can find recommendations for similar brands. This gives you a list of brands to approach. This gives you a list of brands to approach.

  • Tools for finding emails


You can have some tools to get help to find email addresses of e-commerce companies. You can find the direct emails of executives and owners using ContactEcom. To place your pitch in the right place, you have to manage to contact the founder directly. 


IFBBD is another vital resource that any SMMA needs. Our team will help you search your local area for leads that have the kind of need you can solve.


You can personalize and distribute several outreach templates from LegiitLeads to your leads. The LeggitLeads template can provide you with the skills and strategy needed to pitch to clients.


4. Communicate with your leads

It's time to send your email to your target leads now. To turn them into clients is the aim. In order to achieve the desired result, you must be aware of:


  • Your email Message

This covers the issue they have and that you want to resolve as well as what solution you can offer them. Address their issues and provide expert solutions. Make sure you address the core issue and don't digress.


  • The advantages

                        Since e-commerce companies receive many pitches, you want to be different.         Explain to them the advantages of working with you. This may display as enhanced market performance or an optimal return on investment (ROI).


  • Call to action

Give them a way to contact you and a clear call to action. Providing several ways for people to get in touch with you—such as emails, texts, and phone calls.                      

  • Offer to get in touch

Once you are in contact with the lead, you have a second chance to convince them of your service. Thus, inquire if they are interested in a call. If they like your offer, I am sure they will agree to a call.


5. Schedule a Meeting

If your lead is open for a call, you have an opportunity to leave a stronger impression than with your email. To ensure a smooth call, you should:


  • Fix a time for the call. 

The best thing to do is ask your leads when they are most likely to receive a call. Schedule your calendar accordingly when you have the right time.


  • Prepare sufficiently for the call

Make sure you're ready for the call. A thorough preparation will highlight your expertise in your niche. A sales script or series of inquiries can be prepared. Be concise and instructive. Mention the selling aspects of your services. You can prepare a sales script or set of questions. You can prepare a sales script or set of questions. Be concise and informative.


  •     Close the deal

By presenting what you have for the lead, you can end the call. Moreover, from the advantages of your service, you can offer a discount on the first order. Decide on the terms of the agreement and the starting date. 


You may question what happens if it doesn’t go well. It’s possible that your lead does not need your service at this time, or they disagree with you on some points or that anything can go wrong.


In situations like these, you should take note of their objection and ask further about their preferences. Find out what went wrong and that will help you improve the next time. Then give it another try. Naturally, not every lead you approach will accept your offer right away. You can contact them again with a better offer. They may require exactly what you provided. You will be more efficient at using your experience by then.



If you use these strategies presented so far, you should have no trouble getting started. When you get leads to work with you, make sure they are happy so you can continue working with them.


Mr. MD Riad Mia
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