Finding an Amazon seller's contact information can be crucial for various reasons, whether you're a buyer with a question, a seller dealing with unauthorized listings, or simply looking to contact a seller. This guide will help you find a seller's email address and other contact information efficiently.

Key Consideration: Amazon protects customer privacy, so direct email addresses of sellers aren't shared. This process won’t work for only FBA seller's Account (only when they make their profile public)

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Reasons to Contact Amazon Sellers

You might want to contact a seller for:

  1. Product Inquiries: Questions about size, color, or compatibility.
  2. Order Issues: Problems with delays, damage, or incorrect items.
  3. Business Opportunities: Proposals or partnership ideas or getting Leads of Amazon sellers

Methods to Contact Amazon Sellers

Go to Start by visiting Amazon's homepage.

Search for an Item 

Enter the product you are interested in into the search bar. For this example, let’s use "apple slicer."

Select a Listing 

Click on one of the search results. Make sure to select an item sold by an individual seller, not Amazon.

Locate the Seller's Information 

Scroll down to the section called the "Buy Box" on the right side of the product page. Look for the "Sold by" link and click on it.

Identify the Seller 

If the seller is an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller, their details will appear. You’ll see the business address and other public information about the seller.

Contact the Seller Once you have the seller's information, you can:

  • Ask a Question: Use the "Ask a Question" button to send a direct message.

  • Call Customer Service: If available, use the provided phone number.

  • Send Mail: Use the business address for physical mail.

For more information, you can read how to get more seller leads in Amazon

Additional Methoods to find Seller email addresses

Checking Seller Profile

Visit the seller’s profile page. Sometimes, contact details or links are available there.

Contacting Through Social Media

Search for the seller’s brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Send a message if you find their profile.

Third-Party Tools and Services

Some tools, like AMZFinder or Helium 10, can help find contact information. Use them responsibly and respect privacy.


Best Practices When Contacting Sellers

  1. Crafting a Polite Message: Be clear, polite, and concise. Include order details if relevant.
  2. Following Up: Wait 3-5 business days before sending a follow-up message.
  3. Keeping Records: Save all communications for future reference.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Unresponsive Sellers

Try different methods or escalate the issue through Amazon’s channels if a seller doesn’t respond.

Handling Negative Responses

Stay calm and professional. Escalate to Amazon if necessary.

Ensuring Privacy and Safety

Never share sensitive information like credit card details in your messages. Always prioritize your privacy.


Can I get a seller's email directly from Amazon? 


No, Amazon doesn’t provide direct email addresses to protect privacy. Use the messaging system instead.


What should I do if a seller doesn't respond? 

Try contacting through multiple methods, follow up, and if all else fails, escalate through Amazon's customer service.


Are third-party tools reliable for finding seller contacts? 


They can be, but always use them responsibly and respect privacy.


How long should I wait before following up on a message?


Give it at least 3-5 business days before sending a follow-up message.


Can Amazon help me if a seller is unresponsive? 


Yes, Amazon's customer service can assist if a seller is not responding to your messages.



Contacting an Amazon seller can be tricky, but these tips should help. Be polite, and persistent, and use available tools effectively.


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