Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS

Top 10 Outbound Lead Generation Services for B2B SaaS Companies 2023

As the global SaaS market becomes more competitive, acquiring leads becomes more challenging. The SaaS market is expected to reach the $220.21 billion mark by 2022. B2B SaaS-based companies are looking for ways to leverage their position and build a winning SaaS marketing strategy to stay on top.

Juggling between running a business, keeping clients happy, and building a top-notch lead-generation strategy can be tricky. This is why many SaaS companies are reaching out to lead generation agencies that can lessen the burden and give fruitful results.

If you are in the B2B SaaS space, then you understand how hard it can be to generate leads. Whether you are a startup looking to hire salespeople, or you are a sales manager looking for leads, this blog will talk about outbound lead generation service for B2B SaaS and the main sources of outbound leads.

To help make an informed decision, here is a list of the top 10 outbound lead generation services for B2B SaaS. Scroll through the article with confidence and pick the service that fits your company right.

Best Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS

Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS

One key factor to growing profitability and successfully running your business is to keep the sales pipeline packed with thirsty and qualified leads. 

If you are a marketer for a B2B SaaS firm, you have a lot of work cut out for you. Target buyers are cautious and want to try out the service before plunging into a purchase decision. Setting up a solid SaaS outbound lead generation strategy is paramount. 

Many SaaS companies opt to partner with B2B lead generation agencies to keep the pipeline filled with potential leads. These agencies aim to reach the ideal audience and attract the right leads directly to you. 

With so many Lead generation agencies, it may not be easy to choose the right agency for your company. Worry not! We have recommended the 10 outbound lead generation services based on trustworthiness, experience, and the kind of services they provide to capture quality leads. Let’s dive in!

10 Best Lead Generation Services for B2B SaaS

Here are the 10 Best B2B Lead Generation Services for SaaS companies

1. Belkins

Belkins is a leading B2B lead generation agency that manages every part of the lead generation process. From creating a tailored list of targeted sales leads to booking appointments with potential clients. They cater to building a lead generation strategy that fits your business needs. Snov.io Case Study - Belkins

Combining digital solutions and top-of-the-line technology, the team builds tailor-made lead generation strategies for each client. 

Using LinkedIn influencer marketing strategies to convert clients’ LinkedIn profiles into LinkedIn influencers and industry thought leaders. 

Additionally, they help enhance traffic through LinkedIn and email channels to generate LinkedIn audience into potential leads. 

Belkins has a global base clientele, including Fortune 500 companies. Most of the services they provide start from $10,000, depending on the project they undertake. 

Handling over 700+ clients in 30 states and worldwide, Belkins works to deliver promised outcomes with less number of booking meetings with them. 

According to the ratings on Clutch, Belkins is a top-performing lead generation agency. If you want to get in touch with Belkins, then contact them at sales@belkins.io


CIENCE uses its human-driven and top-quality technology resources to offer its clients outstanding lead generation services and solutions.

CIENCE Agency Services & Qualifications | HubSpot

They specialize in providing sales data solutions and SRM services. Furthermore, they offer outbound & inbound SDR services to grow sales pipelines.

Along with various features, they help the sales team concentrate on the sales aspect while the agency undertakes the rest of the work. They have an SDR team that manages campaigns to attract target audiences, consistently bringing qualified appointments to the business. 

Features from optimizing conversion rates, voice services, CRM consulting services, and some of the services they offer. Coordinating different channels from email marketing, web, LinkedIn, and phone creates outbound orchestration to expand pipelines.

Depending on the type of project they undertake, the starting price for most of their services is around $10,000. 

With over 2000+ clients served and standing the 3rd time as INC 5000 fasted growing Pvt company in the US, investing your money is worth it. 

To get in touch with CIENCE and learn more about their pricing, contact them at (720) 806-6850 or email them at hello@cience.com

3. SalesPro Leads

Another great B2B lead generation agency that promises to deliver top-notch sales leads is SalesPro Leads. Based on over 100 years of professional experience, SalesPro Leads is considered one of the best in the market.

SalesProLogoLinkedIn2 1401742592

It provides lead generation and appointment setting services to help businesses. Once on board, they help to take the first step in building a solid sales pipeline. 

Combining the data sources, the team analyzes the business’s target market and devises a lead generation strategy. This helps attract and engage with prospective decision-makers and finally lets them book a call with the company. 

They offer various services, from creating highly focused marketing approaches and campaigns. Other features include leveraging prospects’ direct engagement calls, emails, and social media interactions. 

Apart from unique appointment setting services, they offer sales intelligence, email marketing, lead nurturing, and demand generation services.

SalesPro Lead is a US-based agency that ensures bringing in quality sales leads to clients and top-notch services. 

With over 25 years of leadership experience, SalesPro Lead lives up to its expectation of delivering high-quality leads and practical strategies to retain a competitive edge in the market. 

If you want to get in touch with them and know more about their pricing package, contact them at (855) 520-8200 or email them at info@salesproleads.com

4. SalesRoads

SalesRoads is amongst the leading lead generation companies in helping B2B businesses take the initial step in the sales cycle. From offering lead generation and nurturing to follow-up with customers to closing deals, SalesRoads provide a complete package sales service. 

SalesRoads | America's Most-Trust Lead Generation Provider

Additionally, they provide appointment settings where you can get hold of important decision-makers via phone calls. The SalesRoads team will follow up or hand it over to the sales team. 

SalesRoads is a top-rated sales outsourcing solution to help fast-growing startups, including SaaS companies, reach their target market more effectively. 

They take on calling targeted leads, assessing them throughout the process, and finally sending the result to the sales team.

With over 14 years of experience and satisfying 500+ clients, SalesRoads is an excellent outbound lead generation agency that ensures to bring in the best leads. 

SalesRoads is the agency for quality appointment setting and lead generation strategies for SaaS companies. Depending on their services, their pricing starts from $10,000 per project. 

To get in touch and book a meeting with SalesRoads, contact them at 1-800-836-4033

5. LFBBD(Lead For Business)

Lead for Business is one of the top B2B lead providers for SaaS. Further, they also provide leads for eCommerce and Amazon sellers. They aim to match the qualified leads with their updated database.

The Platform For B2B Leads, ECommerce Leads And Amazon Seller Leads

On top of that, Lfbbd (Lead for Business) provides their service with a verified email address. Hence, it becomes easier to find prospective and targeted clients easily. The company follows numerous methods to collect the database, which includes LinkedIn, social media, company websites, and more. Moreover, if you want classified SaaS leads, they can do it too. In short, they are ready to fulfill all your requirements.

To get all these benefits, contact them at https://lfbbd.com/

6. SalesAladin

SalesAladin is a popular lead generation agency that provides a myriad of sales enhanced growth solutions and marketing strategies for IT and SaaS companies.


They offer B2B appointment setting services, lead market research, outsourcing sales, and outbound SDRs. Moreover, SalesAladin also offers designing content strategies and website development to leverage growth to the B2B SaaS businesses. 

The team conducts market research to find high-quality leads and create ideal customer profiles lists. Moreover, they design offerings and map them to ideal customer profiles (ICPs). 

They create multi-channel campaigns to effectively contact and reach out to prospects, giving more than 90% penetration coverage. 

They also schedule appointments with qualified leads, which is excellent, especially if you want to reach out to a global market. 

SalesAladin is a popular lead generation agency known to deliver high-quality accounts to leverage growth in the business. With several solutions and services, they can successfully integrate both sales and marketing products. 

Satisfying over 100+ clients globally, SalesAladin is a trusted lead generation agency. They have several pricing packages starting from $800 per month for startups. 

If you want to partner with them to fill your sales pipeline with hot and qualified leads, then contact SalesAladin at +91 997 113 8887 or directly email them at sales@salesaladin.com

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7. LeadGeneration.com 

When it comes to online lead generation, LeadGeneration.com are pioneer in this field. It works to help businesses plan lead generation strategies to fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads. 

LeadGeneration.com Review 2018 | Sales Leads With Potential - business.com

They can successfully attract and retain leads in the sales funnel by offering appointment setting services and lead generation marketing.

Apart from building appointments, they offer other services such as SEO, paid search marketing, email marketing, development of websites, and content strategy.

As a well-known lead generation agency, they provide qualified leads and direct them to the business. They have call tracking features to help sales representatives keep track of potential prospects and convert them into actual clients in the future.  

Known to provide the best lead generation campaigns, they are in charge of creating unique content. They provide creative services, including branding and customized ad campaigns to attract more customers. The lead generation service includes lead follow-ups and automated lead nurturing.

LeadGeneration.com is a lead generation agency that helps its users plan strategies for targeted prospects to put them in the sales funnel, refine the qualified leads, and repeat the process. 

They create effective landing pages through resourceful content and provide various SEO services.

If you are looking for a lead generation agency that provides multi-channel solutions for lead generation, then LeadGeneration.com is highly recommended. 

To get in touch with them, contact them by phone at: 609-451-1224 or 609-451-6071. You can contact them by completing the form available on their website. 

8. Lead Generators International 

Lead Generators International is a top-rated lead generation agency operating in North America.  

Along with their professional teams, they dedicate their resources to generating quality appointments that will deliver more significant ROI than any other agency out there. They specialize in B2B telephone appointment setting and market research lead generation.

They offer sales-ready appointment settings, book demos, and register prospects for webinars, events, and telephone surveys. They provide high-quality cold calls and email list procurement services to generate leads appointments. 

Lead Generators International is a professional lead generation agency dedicated to generating lead appointments and delivering ROI for its clients. Rated a 4.9 on the clutch, they are well known for providing high-quality lead generation services, including booking appointments and market research to attract qualified leads. 

Pricing for most of their services starts from $10,000, depending on the project. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy that provides fruitful results, then get in touch with Lead Generators International, contact them at 1.800.306.1365

9. Callbox

Callbox is another excellent lead generation agency offering a bundle of outbound B2B lead generation services. 

It provides services from account-based marketing to sales database solutions. Plus, they provide cross-border marketing, webinar registration, and virtual event marketing services.

Callbox: B2B Lead Generation Services - Sales Leads

Callbox is dedicated to helping businesses grow through multi-channels such as email, voice, social media, chat, website, webinars, and events. 

They provide their clients with appointment setting and account-based marketing to identify, engage and convert target accounts into actual customers. 

Virtual Event management, webinars, event marketing services, Callbox curates a complete event management solution. To expand to a global platform, Callbox can also generate qualified accounts across borders. 

CallBox is a highly recommended lead generation agency providing high-quality leads directly to you. The sales team can focus their attention on converting these leads into actual customers. 

From acquiring high-quality leads to set appointments with them, Callbox handles the lead generation process. Their pricing packages start from $10,000, based on the type of project they take. 

To get in touch and know more about their pricing and services, ring them up at +1 (888) 810-7464.

10. RevBoss

RevBoss aims to build customized B2B lead generation strategies for their clients, ensuring that the sales pipeline is lined up with prospective leads. 

RevBoss: Turning Cold Prospects Into Engaged Opportunities — Startup Competitors

They have a great onboarding program and a personalized messaging strategy to bring in more customers, expanding the sales pipeline. 

RevBoss provides a 3- week boarding program that focuses on driving new customers and moving them towards taking action. Also, they provide customized strategies and messaging services to help stay in touch with prospects. 

They develop a practical, ready-to-use lead generation solution that works well with any situation. 

Combining prospect data information, high-tech software, and an experienced team, they bring the right customer to your business. 

RevBoss has a monthly plan where prices start from $2,500 per month, where one can access a new pool of potential leads, get a dedicated account specialist, and customize messaging services. 

If you want to get a hold of RevBoss and know more about their services, give them a call at +1-252-462-1732.

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7 Strategies to Generate SaaS Companies lead

  • Focus on lead quality.
  • Get your site’s SEO dialed in.
  • Invest in case studies.
  • Personalize your marketing.
  • Qualify leads.
  • Never underestimate referrals.
  • Understand that email will never die.

Final words

As a marketer or owner of a B2B SaaS company, you have a lot of tasks to do. Target purchasers are wary and want to try out the service before committing to a purchase. As a result, establishing a robust SaaS outbound lead generation marketing plan is critical.

Having a trustworthy lead-generating agency for a B2B SaaS firm can help them reach its greatest audience and boost its return on investment or revenue. 

In the market, there are several lead generation companies or agencies. And every business offers its own set of services to generate leads for its customers. 

We hope this article will help you to find the right outbound lead generation service for your B2B SaaS business.

Riad Hossen