Recruitment Solution: Your Gateway to Finding the Perfect Match Between Experts and Leading Businesses

At LFBBD (Lead for Business), recruitment is not just a service we offer; it's a passion ingrained in our very DNA. We are driven by the singular goal of connecting exceptional talent with leading businesses, and we go the extra mile to make it happen, swiftly and efficiently.

Quality Data

Our High-Quality Prospect Data Helps Recruiters

“Big data” refers to the enormous amount of structured and unstructured data currently at our disposal. By analyzing these massive data sets, previously unknown patterns and insights into business, human behavior, and many other topics can be uncovered.

From financial services to measuring someone’s productivity to monitoring the weather, extensive data analysis is being employed all over the place.


Source Qualified Candidates with 95% Accuracy

Sourcing is the process of identifying and evaluating potential employees who have not yet applied for an available position. You’re looking for a candidate’s name, proof of their credentials, and contact information.

Candidate referrals tend to be more passive and may require much more convincing before they’ll accept an offer and move forward in the hiring process.

The most important thing is to monitor this measure and if it starts to fall, to reevaluate your sourcing strategy.

Data Accuracy


Unleashing the Power of Big Data for Superior Results

We understand that to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape, recruitment requires a data-driven approach. Leveraging the power of "big data," we tap into vast structured and unstructured datasets to reveal previously unseen patterns and insights into businesses and human behaviour. Our extensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with a broad professional network, empowers us to identify and present the ideal match between experts and businesses faster than ever before.

Get an Unfair Advantage with Natural Candidate Data

Our arsenal of "big data" gives us an edge in sourcing top-tier candidates. We delve deep into a sea of candidate information, unearthing invaluable details that set us apart from the competition. With "people analytics" as our guiding compass, we help you discover potential candidates who might have flown under the radar of traditional recruitment methods. By tapping into this wealth of natural candidate data, we ensure you have an unfair advantage in securing the best talent for your organization.

Sourcing Excellence with 95% Accuracy

Sourcing the right candidates is an art, and we've mastered it with precision. Our process involves identifying and evaluating potential employees who may not have actively applied for available positions. Armed with an extensive candidate database and strategic methods, we source candidates with an impressive 95% accuracy rate. We understand that candidate referrals often require a gentle nudge, and we take the time to convince passive talents, ensuring your hiring process remains seamless and successful.

Real-Time Hiring Opportunities Within Your Market

Time is of the essence in recruitment, and we believe in delivering real-time solutions. Our proprietary methods and real-time data analysis enable us to connect you with hiring opportunities that align with your organization's needs. Whether you're a recruiter, staffing organization, search firm, or job board, our services bolster your placement rates, shorten the time-to-fill a position, and enhance the candidate experience.

Experience Innovation in Recruitment

Experience innovation like never before with our cutting-edge features. From innovative search and match functionalities to extensive local labour market research, automatic resume processing, and exclusive job market insights, our comprehensive solution set leaves no stone unturned in finding the perfect candidate-business match.

Join the Ranks of Successful Partnerships

Discover how LFBBD's Recruitment Solution has transformed businesses by connecting them with top-notch talent across industries. Let us propel your recruitment efforts to new heights and shape the future of your organization.

Deliver Real-Time Verified Targeted Leads

Our Industry-based high-quality Leads are 95% Data Accuracy and real-time Verified and targeted prospecting. Let our premium sales data work for your business!.